DIY Community Motorcycle Garages (CMGs) are one of my favorite concepts. There are many variations, but they’re essentially shops that provide a workspace & tools for rent. Most are based in large cities, provide hourly – monthly rent options, and become central hubs for their local motorcycle communities.

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Baltimore Motorcycle Collective

The Baltimore Motorcycle Collective is my hometown shop and the reason I started researching others. Every year they host the (BALT) Bike Build-off. A 90 day challenge to build a bike with a $1,000 budget that can survive a 100 mile ride to start the season. The ride takes place on the first Saturday of April & is followed by a Sunday hangout in the awesome warehouse next door. Stop by to do your next mod and check out what wacky project Ethan’s working up next.

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

The Baltimore Motorcycle Collective DIY motorcycle shop
Photo by The Baltimore Photographer

Dunn Lewis MC

Dunn Lewis is a Washington, DC based CMG that offers Motorcycle Parts, Apparel, Accessories, DIY Classes, and Social Events. Check out their hashtag #DCMOTOSCENE where they share some of their local community favorites.

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

Dunn Lewis DIY CMG
Photo by Dunn Lewis MC

Hickory Union Moto

Hickory Union Moto is based in Kansas City, MO & provides a sweet spot to work on your classic machine. They say Sundays are a good day to come check it out where you’ll find a small crowd talking bikes & “drinking that delicious Blip Roasters coffee”. If it’s closed, knock on the door & someone will let you in.

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

Hickory Union Moto DIY Garage
Photo by Hickory Union Moto


Since 2004, the MotorGrrl garage has been fixing up bikes in Brooklyn, NY. “Founded by women, open to all”. With their $250 Full Throttle Membership you can gain 24/7 access, storage, free NYS inspection, bike washing station, and more. Check out the links below to learn more about their workshops & events, 2 wheel Tuesdays, and indoor storage solutions.

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

MotorGrrl DIY Garage
Photo By MotorGrrl

Moto Republic LA

Moto Republic is your Kick Ass Independent Performance Motorcycle Service Provider in Los Angeles”. That’s actually their own words, but I’m sold. The coolest thing I noticed was their Classes structure. Once or twice a month they offer basic training workshops ranging ~$25-$75 to learn everything from basic oil changes / chain maintenance, to tire machine certification so you can change your next set of rubbers.

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

Moto Republic LA DIY Community Motorcycle Garage
Photo by Moto Republic LA


Riding through Seattle, WA anytime soon? If so you should definitely swing by MotoShed to say what’s up and grab a cup of Two Kick Coffee. Owners John Lovin and Ritsushi “Richie” Miyazato seem to shoot it straight. They focus on servicing, restoring, and tuning vintage bikes, but we also firmly believe in the DIY ethos. They don’t sell memberships online, but ask that you stop by and make sure it’s the vibe you’re looking for. They’re definitely on our next PNW checklist.

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

MotoShed DIY Community Motorcycle Garage
Photo By MotoShed

Piston & Chain

It’s not easy to find space for a motorcycle lift in San Francisco, CA, so Piston & Chain has you covered. They have memberships ranging from $50 Day Pass (by invite), to $250 per month for 24/7 access & long term storage solutions. This shop even rents their facility out on some weekdays for private events in a cool moto environment.

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

Piston & Chain DIY Community motorcycle Garage
Photo by Piston & Chain

Skidmark Garage

Wrench. Relax. Repeat. That’s the moto of this 10,000 sq. ft. garage in Cleveland, OH where motorcycle dreams come true. All are welcome who welcome all. Memberships call Brian 440-591-4822

Links: Website / Instagram

Skidmark DIY Community Motorcycle Garage
Photo by Skidmark Garage

Streetscenes Moto Garage

Last, but certainly not least, is Streetscenes Moto Garage out of Tacoma, WA. A small operation, but a big range of service covering all types of bikes.

Links: Website / Instagram / Facebook

Streetscenes DIY moto garage
Photo by Streetscenes Moto Garage

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