How To Rent A Motorcycle

You can now rent a motorcycle wherever you are thanks to the guys at Twisted Road. We’ve just partnered with this cool company out of Chicago, IL and you can find all of their moto-rentals right here on They’re a pier to pier motorcycle rental company with almost 2,000+ bikes available across the US. 

Why Rent A Motorcycle?

  • Explore a new city on 2 wheels (vacation / work travel)
  • Test rides before choosing & buying a new bike
  • Mix it up from your sport bike to a cruiser (or visa-versa)
  • It can be cheaper to rent a few times a year versus owning a bike
  • Get your friends or family back into the hobby

What Do You Need?

  • A Motorcycle License
  • A Twisted Road Account

That’s just about it. You’ll buy your daily insurance coverage at checkout (if you don’t have your own), and just need a plan for state required motorcycle gear. (Some owners have stuff to share, but it’s best if you have a way to bring your own).

What Does It Cost?

The owners decide the price for each bike, but you can usually find options from $49 – $150 per day. Then there’s a 20% transaction fee for the platform & any additional insurance selections.

Shop around a bit, take advantage of their awesome referral program, and you can experience a new motorcycle for a really great price.

Make Money On Your Bike

I made $75 yesterday by renting out my 2017 FZ-07 to a guy down the street. They make it super easy to list your motorcycle on their site and it’s a great way to cover insurance / maintenance cost each year. Put your motorcycle up for rent here. 

Get Started

It really is that easy.

Head on over to our Rentals Page to start planning your next adventure today.