We all know the motorcycle stereotypes.

Harley-Hulk-Hogan doling out his best “Hey Brother” through a frizzy grey beard.

Street-Bike-Tommy splitting lanes at 100mph+ like he’s in a Michael Bay movie.

Hipster-Harry with a twirled mustache & man bun to match.

Whatever you may imagine, I can promise you that your local motorcycle scene has its fair share of it. And that’s what makes the community so great. Harley Hulk Hogan’s name is Mike and don’t let the tattoos fool ya… he’s a teddy bear and has some great rally stories to share. Street Bike Tommy would love to show you around for your first track day, and Hipster Harry knows all the best bikes & coffee hangouts. Put all of these guys & gals in a parking lot and I promise you’ll have a good time.

And while these made up people embody a couple of motorcycle event types, lets break them all down to get you started:

Motorcycle Shows

These are where industry leaders organize some of the largest motorcycle gatherings full of custom bike showcases, motorcycle business booths, and all the moto talk you can imagine. There’s typically not much actual motorcycle riding going on at these events, but they’re great to see where the moto industry is headed.

Motorcycle Rallies

We’re talking mutli-day hangouts where enthusiasts travel from all over the nation to come take over a given city once a year. If you’re into big bikes doing big burnouts, these will be right up your alley. Check out our combined list of some top 2020 shows & rallies here

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Photo Cred: Biker America

Swap Meets

Think of it as a yard sale for motorcycle stuff. If you’re looking for random parts at a great price, be sure to swing by your next local Swap Meet.

  • Check out our community member Jam On Productions who may be hosting one in a town near you.

Track Days

If you wanna go fast like Ricky Bobby, check out a local track. These are closed course events where you can redline your adrenaline meter and put your machine to the test. Bring some painters tape to cover your headlights, a 1 piece body suit (like what you see in MotoGp), and have a ball.

Motorcycle Track Day

Photo by Joe Neric on Unsplash

Poker Runs

An organized event where riders must visit 5-7 checkpoints where they’ll draw from a random deck of players cards. The rider/group that has the best poker

hand at the end of the ride wins. Wins what? Well that’s up to y’all.

Bikes & Coffee

A 2 wheel spin off of the “Cars & Coffee” scene where locals meet in a central parking lot & talk shop about their custom rides. Perfect for the early riser who enjoys the brisk morning air and wants to be home by lunch.

Bikes and Breakfast

Bikes & Breakfast NY / MD / VA

Benefit Ride

You’ll quickly realize how charitable the motorcycle community really is. Whether it’s a ride to support a community member, or a Toys For Tots drive come holiday season, there’s always a way to combine your love for motorcycles & charity.

Group Rides

The most simple and probably our favorite of them all… a bunch of riders hitting the open road and exploring new routes nearby.

Group Rides

Photo Cred: That Baltimore Photographer

The BiKEMEETs Movement

We crawl the internet everyday for public motorcycle events like what you see above. Our goal is to share ones where everyone is welcome. Where dudes & dudettes can talk about bikes & anything else that moves their soul. Somewhere you can ride up and be greeted with a handshake and a random question about the chariot you just hopped off of. A moto movement f0r those who recognize it’s not a matter of what you ride, but who you ride with.

Until next time, Ride On & Ride Safe!